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Hippus HandShoe, Right-Handed wireless

The Handshoe Mouse from Hippus NV is designed to eliminate the 3 most common issues associated with the use of a computer mouse - gripping, pinching, and tensing of the fingers. The unique naturally supportive contours of the Handshoe Mouse permit the hand and fingers to completely relax whether actively engaged with the mouse or just resting between movements —like they do in a well-worn glove. This relaxed position eliminates the sustained static tension that most users tend to maintain when using a mouse and which are associated with the development of RSI. With multiple size options available —4 for the Right and 3 for the Left— anyone can receive full support of the hand, wrist and fingers while actively mousing. The recommended usage for this mouse is on the desk surface with the forearm fully supported by the desk or arm rest of the chair. 
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The Handshoe Mouse does not require any passive muscle tension or use, and prevents users from excessive muscle exertion while actively using the mouse, making it the only mouse on the market that is almost impossible to use incorrectly. The waterfall design of the Handshoe Mouse provides a naturally curved resting support for the fingers, allowing them to fully relax between clicks. This eliminates the negative effects from an anticipation of the click which on traditional mice results in raised, hovering fingers as well as overexertion and overextension of the extensor muscles. The design also incorporates a thumbrest which supports the thumb in a neutral and relaxed fashion making the Handshoe Mouse a good option for those experiencing thumb-related issues such as DeQuervain’s Tenosynovitus. 

The optical tracking uses advanced BlueRay Track technology combined with a 1500 DPI sensor which will work on almost any surface. Two light click force buttons (three on the large model) and a scroll wheel provide standard "Plug-and-Play" mouse functions. The Handshoe mouse Wireless features a long-life rechargeable lithium battery for convenience and comes with a charging cord. Users who would rather have a wired model can share the same benefits in the Handshoe Mouse wired version.

Due to the greater amount of weight resting on a Handshoe Mouse (larger mouse, weight of hand and part of forearm) it is recommended that a firm, low friction mousing surface be used to reduce the effort required to move it. 

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Download this page as a PDF document   Mouse HandShoe Right-Handed Wireless Datasheet (French only)

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