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The Pencil Grip - Jumbo    Pack of 12

Handwriting help

Encourages proper grasp for writing, helps eliminate fatigue and increases writing comfort. Latex free. Phtalate free.


Pencil grips are designed to facilitate a functional pencil grasp which will allow the child to color and write with precision, without fatigue. There are several good pencil grips. It is wrong to think that only the three fingers grasp (tripod) is correct. It is important to make sure that the pencil grasp allows the child to move his fingers during writing or drawing tasks.


It is recommended to place the grip on the writing pencil or on the pencil (or pencils) mostly used by the child. It is also important to choose the right grip based on the child’s difficulty. Very often, professional guidance from an ergo therapist is useful

Pinch grip (2719) It helps the child placing his fingers on the pencil It prevents fingers from slipping It offers comfort and reduces hand and fingers fatigue


 1. Pencil grips can be used by right-handed and left-handed individuals.

 2. It is important to train the child on how to use the pencil grip. It should be placed on the pencil for short periods of time at the beginning and the amount of time increased progressively. It is also important to explain to the child how to place his fingers on the grip.

3. It will be necessary to integrate the pencil grip in easier tasks (while coloring for instance with wood color pencils instead of writing) and to explain to the child it is possible that his coloring is not as good as usual to start with but that it will improve.

4. The use of a pencil grip should improve both the comfort and the finished product (more precise coloring, faster or more fluid handwriting, etc.) and not just the finger positions on the pencil.

5. If difficulties still persist, it might be appropriate to ask an ergo therapist for guidance. An incorrect pencil grasp may have various causes: poor postural control, coordination difficulties, sensory particularities, etc.

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