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The NEWTRAL 2 Mouse from ErgoVerse is designed to provide uncompromising ergonomic benefits and can be reconfigured based on the usage and preferences of the user. Designed to fully support the palm and thumb, the body of the Newtral 2 Mouse subtly encourages users to rest their hand on the mouse and, combined with the indented thumb area, discourages them from the tendency to grip the mouse. The 33° sloped mouse body reduces pronation of the forearm, a common risk factor for fatigue and pain in the forearm and hand. 

Three interchangeable flanges provide reconfigurable options for the NEWTRAL 2 Mouse. The "Macro Flange" configuration elevates the side and heel of the hand and wrist, moves with the mouse, and features a slim gel pad to support the hand. This configuration virtually eliminates the need to grip the mouse with gravity holding the hand in a position of control of the NEWTRAL 2. The "Micro Flange" configuration provides a surface for the little finger and outer edge of the palm to rest on, reducing friction and drag while mousing. For users who desire the feel of a more conventional mouse on occasion, the "No Flange" configuration provides this option. Some users also feel this option affords a feeling of greater precision for specific tasks (gaming, etc.). 

The NEWTRAL 2 Mouse is available solely for right handed users in Large and Medium sizes in both wired and wireless models. All NEWTRAL 2 mice offer fingertip access to multiple DPI settings (see detailed specifications for details) enabling users to choose the pointer response best suited to their needs. The wired model is programmable (on Windows only), and ships with a Windows driver CD to allow users to reprogram all six buttons. 


  • Reduces Pronation - The NEWTRAL 2 Mouse places the forearm at a 33° outward angle, a significant improvement over the fully pronated, or "palms down," position of a standard mouse. With the palms angled up in what is a more anatomically neutral position, the muscles and tissues of the forearm are subject to a great deal less tension and strain. 
  • Reduces Risk of Developing "Trigger Finger" - The arched design of the NEWTRAL 2 provides support for the whole hand and the fingers. The user can relax the hand and let the fingers rest on the mouse. The waterfall design of the buttons reduces the load on the extensor muscles of the fingers as the user clicks. This design also helps users avoid hovering over the buttons in anticipation of a click (a habit that can lead to repetitive strain injuries.)
  • Reduces Risk of Skin Irritation - Use of the Macro or Micro Flange can provide varying degrees of support for the pinkie finger, the heel of the hand, and the underside of the wrist. Using these flanges will eliminate the friction that can sometimes lead to hypersensitivity of the skin and nerves of the hand.
  • Helps to Neutralize Wrist Position - The large Macro Flange option can reduce or eliminate wrist deviation, an action which has been associated with conditions such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.


  • Contoured and Angled Body: The NEWTRAL 2 Mouse has a 33° outward slope to prevent pronation. The top is curved to support the hand in a slightly cupped position, allowing the fingers to curl naturally and comfortably.
  • Six-Button Functionality: The NEWTRAL 2 Mouse offers users access to the standard left, right and middle click options as well as back and forward buttons for the thumb, and a scroll wheel.
  • Wired and Wireless Models: Wired and wireless models of both the Medium and Large NEWTRAL 2 Mouse are available. This enables users whose work environment may benefit from the freedom of a wireless mouse to have access to the benefits and features of the NEWTRAL 2 Mouse.
  • Adjustable DPI: Multiple DPI settings (four on the wired model and three on the wireless model) allow users to select the pointer sensitivity that best suits their work patterns and the needs of the task.
  • Multiple Configuration Options: Three interchangeable, magnetically-attached flanges help users configure the mouse for specific uses. The "No Flange" offers fingertip control for designers and gamers; the "Micro Flange" balances precision and comfort; the "Macro Flange" offers comfort and efficiency for general office or administration work.
  • Programmable Option on Wired Model: The wired version of the NEWTRAL 2 Mouse is programmable on Windows and comes with a Windows driver to enable users to fully reprogram all six buttons. Advanced users can even program custom macros and assign these to any of the six buttons.
  • Two Sizes: Available in Medium and Large sizes, the NEWTRAL Mouse 2 is has an appropriately sized option for the majority of users.

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Download this page as a PDF document   Newtral 2 Mouse, Medium Right, Wired Datasheet (French only)

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