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Em's Child Earmuff

Pack of 10 units

Light and sturdy, they can be folded up to fit in the palm of your hand, making them easy to carry or store away. They can be used in a wide variety of settings - from concerts and car races to sporting events and shopping centres. Use them to protect hearing or to help settle down when disturbed by a noisy environment. 22dB noise reduction rating. 190 g. Ages 6 months +

How to enlarge the headband of you Earmuff?

Datasheet PDF


The hearing protection earmuffs are equipped with padded foam ear cushions and can be worn without any discomfort for long periods of time. The adjustable headband provides an unmatched comfort.


The earmuffs allow a noise reduction of 22 decibels, which facilitates focus on a task in a noisy context. In addition, children with auditory hyper-reactivity will better tolerate noisy environments. It is recommended to use the earmuffs with partial noise reduction, because very often it is not necessary to completely cut out the noise, but just alleviate it.


• They reduce unwanted parasitic noises (ex: other people talking, movements, street             sounds).

• They foster and maintain attention during exams, individual work or during homework.

• They allow children with auditory hyper-reactivity (intolerance to sound and noises) to    tolerate noisy activities (movie theater, concert, show, fireworks, vacuum cleaner, etc.)


The earmuffs are recommended for children, from 3 years old, who do not have a hearing problem (ex: tinnitus, auditory processing disorder, partial hearing loss). They can be suggested for children having difficulty functioning in a noisy environment because of sensory difficulties (hyperreactivity to noise) or attention difficulties. With the earmuffs children can also improve their focus during important tasks (reading, writing, exams, homework, etc.)


It is preferable to use the earmuffs following recommendation from a professional and for specific activities (reading, exams). A supervising adult could determine if the moment is appropriate to use the earmuffs, as some children will tend to use them during explanations or team work.

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